Friday, November 12, 2010

Bacteria That Don't Die

There are two things I know about me and yogurt:

1. ... I am super fucking specific about. I buy fat-free, organic, plain yogurt with the least sugar possible. Because I'm a freakazoid, and I will only consume this specific freak-worthy type, I spend way too much money on tiny containers of it.

2. ... It inevitably goes bad quicker then I can use it.

SO, if it's around for more than a couple of days I started a new thang. I'll mix the yogurt with a little sugar-free jam or blanched fruit and then freeze it in ice cube trays for later use in smoothies, or defrosted for 'regular' yogurt, or to eat half frozen as a poor man's fro-yo treat.

BUT, I became increasingly concerned that I was freezing away all those good bacteria one hears so much about and that I'm paying so much for with my freakazoid specificity. So, I did what any concerned citizen would do and I turned to the world wide web.

What I found is that when you freeze yogurt the bennie bacteria go dormant, but once you defrost or consume the yogurt the bacteria are resurrected from their dormant state to dance their magic dance in your poop shoot.

So rest easy my dear friends. Bacteria lives on.

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