Thursday, November 13, 2008

You're a Freakazoid

I used to work on food photography shoots and, for a time, one of my clients was a pork producer*. I am telling you this because I'm trying to make the point that I have seen a lot of pork being photographed. For some perplexing reason I am always struck by how shitty photographs of pork look.

The pork always looks white and gross and completely unappetizing... even after styling and retouching.

Why? Why does pork look so unappealing on camera? It looks fine in real life. What is it about being captured on film that makes it look white and gross? I'm genuinely curious.

Beef looks tasty:

Chicken... Sure, Why not?:

But what's up with pork? Ick:

Is there a scientific explanation for it? Does the lens just not like pork's genetic composition? Does it have something to do with a chemical reaction that occurs during the cooking process? Is this the most trivial, worthless bullshit you've ever been asked? Am I the only person on earth that has ever pondered such matters of the mind?

Thank god we're not on a date. You would probably be "going to the restroom" right now to make the great escape. I guess I wouldn't blame you though since it only gets more bizarre once you really get to know me. In fact, if you didn't run I would be forced to lay the blame fully on you... I mean YOU are the one that chooses to entertain me. I mean, I am me... I can't get away from myself. You, on the other hand, have made a conscious decision. Freak.

*As a side note, that client referred to the slaughter of the pigs as "the harvest" which still gives me the heebie jeebies. Just saying.

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