Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fun For Every Night Of The Week

Tattooed Mom - first of all there is something I need to get out there - Does anyone really call it Tattooed Mom? I have never heard anyone leave off the "S". It's Tattooed Mom's, Mom's or Mam's... Right? Maybe it's just me.

Having said that, I have been frequenting Mam's since the early 1800's... OK, not technically, but it seems like a really long time. I've lived within a two-block-stumble for a hearty 3 years now and like a moth to a flame I always end up back in its musty bowels. I may go away for a few weeks... a few months even but, whether or not I like it, I'm always sucked back in.

Don't get me wrong, Mam's is a fascinating place. It's eclectic design and people-watching is unrivaled and, very simply, nothing says Philly like Mam's.

As I get older though the clientèle seems to get closer and closer to prepubescence and I... well... don't.

Also, the only red wine they offer is the house Merlot. Ick.

Wow... I am getting old. Double Ick.

Anyway, spurred by a recent trip with a friend, I feel compelled to point out a few amazing things available to do at Mam's.

1. Play with toys. There are a lot of things on the bar to play with so, instead of being obvious and ripping your beer label to shreds, you can nervously fidget with tiny figurines and fake tattoos while you wait to grope hot girl/guy on the next bar stool over.

2. Eat. The downstairs is a great place to meet people for a snack and a beer. It usually isn't insanely crowded, so you can fit a big group, and the menu is surprisingly tasty for self-admitted shitty bar food (try the Ass Basket on for size). Plus it has super hearts-and-kittens for vegetarians so you can get Facon, meatless corn dogs, and veggie burgers galore.

The top of the pops though is the nightly specials... they have one every night of the week and they are incredible edibles.

Monday -

Tuesday -

Wednesday -
Thursday -

Zee Weekend (OK. No food specials in the evening but half-priced sandwiches Fri.-Sun. from noon to 4) -
Let me tell you Taco Tuesday is the jam. Seriously. Beef or bean. They are old-school-good and will probably remind of your high school cafeteria a wee bit... but only in the very best way possible.

In other slightly disjointed news - they have Maine's Sea Dog BluePaw Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale (THAT'S a mouthful) on tap. I'm not sure I'm sold on the beer but the sheer weirdness factor is noteworthy.

Tattooed Mom - 530 South St Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 238-9880

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