Friday, August 22, 2008

Minty Goodness

You know who has surprisingly interesting and delightful food? Shouk on 6th between South and Bainbridge.

They also have grrreat mint tea.

I personally think that mint tea is grossly underrated. It's gloriously rich and hearty, and it warms the soul.

Now that I think of it... that actually sounds like a good date idea to me. 'Would you like to grab a coffee?' is SO 2007. 'Would you like to go get some mint tea?' - now THAT'S where it's at.

Be forewarned: They have hookahs available for hire. Please do not make the mistake of ordering a hookah on a first date (or second or third... technically you should hold off until you feel comfortable with the knowledge that said girl will not run screaming if you pass gas in front of her). As tempting as it may be, that would just be an embarrassingly poor decision.

...Unless she wears tie die t-shirts and has a Steal Your Face tattoo, then you're in the clear... well I mean you may have a terrible time since she is probably a douche bag but you will likely hit a home run with the hookah if that's your flavor...

Just saying...

Shouk - 622 S 6th St Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 627-3344

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