Monday, August 4, 2008

Baked is Better

UGH. Do you know what I hate?

I hate greezy-ass tor'tilla chips. They're the same F'in tortilla chips that are served in EVERY Mexican restaurant in the city.

Why would anyone knowingly serve these foul greasesickles to another human... and as food nonetheless?!?!? Not only are they not good, they are downright bad. They are gross. They taste like the terrible rancid low-grade reused crap-ass stanky old oil that they were fried in.

You flavorless pieces of shit, you make me sick.

I am here to help. I want to provide the masses with an alternative. It is called the baked tortilla, and/or (when considered in juxtaposition to it's greasy cousin the fried tortilla) can be referred to as "you know the one that actually tastes like something".

It's easy:

-Take fresh tortillas

-Drizzle with olive oil and season (use any seasonings that you have/like - chili powder, chili flakes, fresh garlic, garlic powder, lime juice, salt, pepper, cumin, etc.)

-Cut into chip shape

-Arrange on a cookie sheet and broil (just be sure to keep your eye on them... they're easy to burn. Oh, and remember your second batch will go much quicker if the cookie sheet is already hot)

It is so simple, and quick, and healthy, AND they taste SO much better... now if only the restaurants would catch on.


Rachel said...

This is my most favoritist thing you ever taught me.

mang said...

I was just raving about these yummies to the fam. sooo good.

E said...

I totally agree! I'll take a perfectly baked corn tortilla chip over a fried one any day.

Anonymous said...

I was actually lucky enough to get these chips today in a "guac-off" held today at a secret location. They are so much tastier than their nasty ass counterpart. i love how much girth they have- they eat liek a meal not just a snack, and so much better for you! well done.