Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PHOnly One Place

There is only one place for Pho in Philadelphia as far as my friend is concerned. You must only know that my friend is the undisputed king of pho connaisseurs. He has spent more time consuming the Vietnamese breakfast soup then anyone I have ever met and anyone I ever care to meet.

Simply put, the place is Pho75.

Everything there is great (assuming you like Pho) but I order "only brisket". It isn't on the menu, you have to ask for it.

You also HAVE to order a coconut juice to go with it. The spiciness of the pho is cut by the cool sweet coconut juice which is full of tender pieces of young coconut.

And if you haven't had enough liquids (I always get water and tea too) order a Vietnamese coffee. Sweet and smoky and strong.

Mwa! (me kissing fingers). SO good.

Did you know that if you are using predictive text "pho" will show up as "sin"??? Just asking.

Pho 75 - 1122 Washington Ave # F, Philadelphia
(215) 271-5866

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