Thursday, July 31, 2008

Taramosalata is my BFF

Taramosalata is possibly the most delightful thing on the planet. It is whipped creamy acidic salty goodness... A Greek delicacy - whipped olive oil, caviar, lemon juice. Mmm!

One of my all time favorite meals in the city features Taramosalata. It's from South Street Souvlaki.

I go back again and again for the same thing... the Tom's Special Salad and the Octopus.

"Tom's Special Salad - taramosalata, dolmades, olives, feta cheese, and peppers, on a bed of tossed greens"


"Octopus - tender baby octopus charcoal broiled, marinated with olive oil and vinegar"

The portions are large and in charge so (after you factor in the big bowl of bread and pita they bring out and a Greek beer) the order is surly enough to split between two.

SO goood...

South Street Souvlaki - 509 South Street Philadelphia, PA 19147

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Marian said...

taramosalata is awesome, though i have never had south street souvlaki's version. the greek lady on 40th and chestnut makes a bangin one for us uc business lunch folk. yum! i haven't had that shizz in forever!!