Monday, September 15, 2008

$100 Cheesesteak

I went to Barclay Prime.

I ordered it.

I ate it.

I feel so guilty.

Oh, the gluttony...

At least it comes with Champagne, right...? RIGHT...?!?

No one's agreeing with me are they? You're all just looking at me judging...?!? (said in panicky screechy voice)

Well let me tell you that I don't care because it was so very... very sinfully good.

When it sat down in front of me I wanted to grab it and tell it that I love it and that I would never let it go. I wanted to stare deep into its soul and listen to its heartbeat and playfully fight over which of us loves the other more. I wanted to spoon it in the morning and bring it home to my mother in the afternoon. I loved it so much.

It was such a fast and dangerous kind of love though. It couldn't last. I ate it all. I ate every last tender morsel.


I will say that a much less irrational choice would be the Kobe Sliders. They were just as delectable although, due to the much less devastating price, they were not nearly as exciting to order, to fall in love with, or to eat.

As another note, a foodie friend told me that he thinks Barclay can lay claim to the sexiest bar in the city and he meant it with the highest regard possible (cheesesteak not factored into his decision). Not sure if I agree or disagree... What do YOU think about that?

Barclay Prime - 237 South 18th Street Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 732-7560

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