Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I was out drinking the other night.

I was out late.

I was drinking a lot.

One of my partners in crime decided on a cheesesteak at 2am. At the time I turned up my nose in disgust but in the morning he advised me that he had no hangover. I, on the other hand, did. Mistake number one.

To make matters worse, I have had a song stuck in my head ever since and it's driving me bat shit crazy.

It's "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" by Indeep, except instead of "DJ" I keep singing "Cheesesteak"... "Last Night a Cheesesteak Saved My Life"... and it's in my friend's voice... and he is mocking me. The worst part is that those are the only words I know so it's just that line... over and over again.

Anyway, in an attempt to 'fix' said hangover I chose a mid-morning sushi binge. Yeah. WTF was I thinking, right? Mistake part deux.

Now, I know just as well as you that sushi is a poor choice for a hangover cure. It is painfully clear now that what I should have done was go directly to a food cart and purchased an egg sandwich.

Who was I trying to kid? There is really no other way to go.

Oh my sweet and gentle Jesus there are so many delicious variations. Bagel, croissant, English muffin, kaiser roll, long roll, wheat, white, wrap, biscuit, cheese, sausage, bacon, lto, mayo, ketchup, hot sauce... the possibilities are endless... sigh. Truly one of the great delicacies in the history of the universe AND, averaging around $2.50, one of the greatest steals of all time.

They ain't pretty and they ain't supposed to be pretty. They are good and cheap and filling and good... and cheap.

There is about a cart a block if you're in center city and the quality is strangely consistent so no favorites here. Maybe you have one...?

Food Cart
All Over the Place
Philadelphia, PA
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