Wednesday, September 3, 2008


My friend Noop makes a sandwich. It's his own personal sandwich. He designed it, he makes it on occasion, and he calls it the C-Belt.

I was famished the other night and we got to talking about food. He described the sandwich to me in great detail and it sounded so sickeningly good... the kind of good that makes you feel guilty just thinking about it... like getting a hooker or stealing a wad of $100 bills. I thought it worthy of mention.

Are you sitting down?

Noop's C-Belt

This is a triple decker sandwich served on lightly toasted wheat bread.

C- Chipotle Mayonnaise with Goat Cheese Folded into it
B - Thick Cut Bacon
E - Fried Egg
L - Lettuce
T - Tomato
A - Avocado
(Technically it's called a C-Belta, but for some reason we decided that C-Belt just seems to work better.)

Wow. I haven't had it yet but for my birthday next year I was thinking about celebrating with C-Belts and hookers. Everyone is welcome to join me. The more the merrier.

Another friend who was with us said she makes a sandwich on French baguette, high quality butter, fleur de sel and French breakfast radishes.

I thought this also sounded stellar (although much less sinful). I noticed that each person's sandwich was representative of their individual personality traits. This got me to thinking of sandwiches and stuff of great depth... like people... and stuff.

I think everyone should have a signature sandwich, don't you agree?

Hmmm.... What would mine be??? Probably something with happiness... or peanut butter.

I think I just invented a new party game... like the "if you were a Beatle who would be?" game.

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