Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Way to Enjoy a Frosty Beverage

I just thought of something brilliant... trademark pending.


Here's what I'm thinking...

There are so many sweet and fruity beers hanging around these days, and some are so sweet that they seem good for only one thing... that thing being dessert.

So why don't we just go whole hog and add some mother humpin' ice cream.

In example - Take a little Buffalo Bill's Orange Blossom Cream Ale...

add a few big scoops of Breyer's Natural Vanilla Ice Cream... you know the kind with the black specs in it... Yay-Yer!

... let them bob around in 'der for a bit and wait for the party to start.

Beer float.

Sounds like a funky good time to me.

1 comment:

Magalicious said...

i had a beer float once. at johnny rockets. located on a cruise ship. with regular beer (most likely miller).

at the time i thought it was delicious, but i was hammered.

so, yours sounds much more delicious.