Friday, January 16, 2009


I went to the new Northern Liberties spot the other night - El Camino Real.  It was the first time I had been.  It was also the first time anyone with me had been. 

I didn't eat.  I drank my dinner but I was the only one...  Everyone else at the table ate. 

They didn't know it but they were being very closely watched... studied if you will.  I was keeping an eye on them to determine how they liked the food... Noting every expression, each reaction.

We sat down, we ordered, the food came, they ate, we talked about life, the economy, the woman who's ass grew around that toilet seat... you know, the normal stuff.  No matter how hard I tried I couldn't seem to decipher any feelings one way or another.  They all seemed OK with everything*... I mean, generally everyone seemed unaffected.   You know, it was like they had eaten the same thing a zillion times.  They knew what to expect when they ordered and what it would taste like when they put it to their lips.  It was mindless.  What struck me was that they could just as easily been as equally not-overly/not-underly impressed at one of the zillion Cantina/Segundos-esk establishments that are opening up all the hell over the city...  

We get it already, "authentic" Mexican dishes served by radically hip hipsters... an equation that appears foolproof.

I was not impressed, although I didn't try a god damn thing so I should shut my face hole. I did drink beer and those were cheap... plenty of choices for three or four bucka'roos and the food didn't appear terribly overpriced either.  Plus I love the logo... and looking at gorgeous hipsters.

Just some observations...

*With the exception of desserts, although I was dining with the head Pastry Chef from Le Bec.  She was unimpressed.

El Camino Real 1040 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123 

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