Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Black, It's White

One of my new favorite things in the whole universe right now is Sambuca.

I don't know why, I don't know how. It just is.

It's probably a sign of aging. It seems like that's what happens to you when you grow up. You invest in stocks, have a Sambuca after dinner, and start to wear you pants higher. Shrug. Either way I don't give a damn. It's goooood stuff.

Kip at Southwark serves it perfectly (as he does nearly every other cocktail known to man). It comes in a snifter with three coffee beans (no more and no less, as Italian folklore would have it) and they briefly light it on fire before serving - in order to increase the flavor.

It is a delectable delight of deliciousness.

There is also such a thing as black Sambuca. I'm not as much a fan although some swear by it.

One time my fellow Sambuca-drinker and I were out sipping the junk and I ordered a black to her white. She tried it (for the first time) and wrinkled up her nose in disgust.

She was convinced that it was foul so I made her do a blind taste test. Black vs. Clear. You guessed it ladies and gentlemen... She liked the black better. Having said that, she still orders the clear and so do I. There is just something about seeing those three coffee beans bobbing around in their clear sea... just as the Italians intended.

Mmm... just makes me all warm and fuzzy like.

Southwark - 701 South 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147

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Rachel said...

I heard (on Mad Men) that the three beans stand for health, wealth and happiness.