Monday, July 28, 2008

The Trend That Won't Quit

There are eggs everywhere.
I mean, I'm not upset about it, I'm just saying that there are eggs all the F over everything these days. If you are looking to boost your protein intake you're in luck.

Keep your eyes peeled for:

Shirred Eggs

Boiled Eggs

Baked Eggs

Eggs on Burgers

Poached Eggs

Fried Eggs

... And oldies-but-goodies like:

Japanese Uni With Quail Egg

Korean Bibimbap

Ethiopian Doro Wat

Pad Thai

You can even get a thousand-year-old egg in a turnover at New Harmony Bakery.

Happy Digesting.

New Harmony Bakery - 901 Race St., Philadelphia PA

1 comment:

jeff said...

i can't believe you forgot scotch eggs.

not necessarily based on their taste as much as on their concept.

an egg wrapped in sausage and deep-fried.

whose idea was this? what is the train of thought that leads to it? is it simply a guy who tries to combine the things he loves into one like eating while having sex and watching a movie (a la Costanza)?

or is it deeper than that, is it more sinister, is their a plan behind it, a dark and devious plan?