Thursday, July 3, 2008

THE Perfect Picnic Snack

Want to impress your looovvveeerr (said in a hearty Italian/Fabio-style accent)?

How about a summer picnic?... And there's nothing easier, cheaper and tastier then a Vietnamese hoagie to pack in your picnic basket.

The best spot to get the goods is on 8th and Christian - Cafe Nhu Y. It's a tiny little hole-in-the-wall and sandwiches are basically all they sell (along with drinks and a few sides).

Their Vegetarian Vietnamese Hoagie is so good you may just change your token what-food-would-you-bring-to-a- deserted-island answer.*

It is tofu and mounds of fresh cilantro and marinated vegetables all packed onto a crisp French baguette. The smell of the fresh bread mixed with the cilantro makes your mouth water before you even take your first bite.

They come wrapped in white paper and cost around 3 American dollars.

There are also a number of other hoagies to choose from (meatball, special, etc.) which are all good although some are a little... how you say... exotic. So if you get that raised eyebrow look from the owner you might want to say something like 'oops. I meant to say the vegetarian hoagie' (I myself have made this mistake in the past).

Let me know how the romance went. I will look for an invitation to the wedding in the mail. Thanks.

*Uncle Jimmy does not advocate trying to strand ones self on a deserted island no matter how good said Vietnamese hoagies are. Please enjoy responsibly.

Cafe Nhu Y - 802 Christian St, Philadelphia 19147

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