Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Pizza Purist in Me is On Vacation

So I normally like simple pizza but there is one complex pie I need to pay homage to.

It's the Pizza Caruso from Francoluigi's Pizzeria on

It's Chicken breast with onions, peppers, and mushrooms all cooked in wine sauce "to perfection" (as they so adequacy describe on their menu). There is only one size. It's $15.45, and they deliver, but the real magic happens when you stop by for a single slice fresh out of the oven and enjoy it at one of their outdoor tables.

The crust is what sets it apart from the rest and they have a whole theory behind what "makes it good". Asking them about it and getting their prideful, hyper-protective answer is always a good time.

Oh yeah, and it is also the place where the owner sings opera if you sit in the dining room but I have never actually had the pleasure so tag... you're it.

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